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A community-led cash transfer program

By Jacob Omondi

Mathare has over 200,000 residents and a recent survey 98% depend on daily work and are income insecure. Normally, they would make 100 to 500 KES (1-5 €) but with the current curfew and restrictions in movement it has become even more insecure for the majority of people living in Mathare. Without savings and solely dependent on daily wage, people are struggling to have at least one meal a day. Among the, single mothers, sick people and elderly in particular need our help.

The reason why we preferred cash transfer through M-Pesa was to minimize the spread of coronavirus to our recipients and also allow recipients to prioritise their own needs, be this medicine, food or rent.

In March 2020, GF did an online fundraising for the Mathare community, and has been able to send 237 recipients within the span of a month. We are expanding to another 250 families in need in Mathare in the coming weeks. Support

This crucial initiative by sending your contribution to:   +254710878330 (International: use, info needed: Daniel Wainaina Wanjiku,, Nairobi) We also teamed up with Give Directly and have enrolled close to 3000 more people from Mathare in a cash transfer program for 3 months.

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