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Food donations

Since the start of Corona pandemic, and especially the government regulations to stem the virus in Kenya, many people in ghettos suffer from a sudden loss of income, police brutality and lack of water.


GF has collaborated with partners like Mutual Aid Kenya to donate food items to over 450 families in need.

These food donations are continuing in the coming months because it is expected that a growing number of people will grow hungry because of the protracted economic crisis  as a result of the pandemic.


Community-led cash transfer program

Since 19th March 2020, GF has been able to reach out to over 600 recipients as part of its community-led cash transfer programs to help vulnerable youth who are mostly ignored by government and NGO cash transfers geared towards cushioning the economic impact of COVID19.

We also teamed up with Give Directly and have enrolled close to 3,000 more people from Mathare in a cash transfer program for 3 months.


Prevention & Awareness

With support from UNHABITAT GF also works together with informal youth groups (bazes) throughout Mathare to install and manage hand wash stations. The youth are trained to engage in COVID19 hygiene awareness and educate residents in hand washing and and general hygiene to prevent corona and other diseases.

The youth groups also make soap and ensure a steady flow of water to these stations to guarantee access to hand washing for all residents in their service area.

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