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GF partners with Dr. Naomi van Stapele from the International Institute of Social Studies -ISS- (Erasmus University Rotterdam) in community-led research and action (CLRA) to encourage people-driven urban planning and governance, especially focusing on security, economic empowerment, social justice and social innovation. 


With her, we also have developed a method called Community-led evaluation, which forms the backbone of the evaluative culture within our organisation. 


Over the past 2 years, GF has worked with many other partners to improve on poverty alleviation and meaningful and sustainable livelihood for vulnerable youth in Nairobi’s informal settlements. These are a few examples:

1) GF works together with Give Directly to include vulnerable youth in informal settlements in various cash transfer programs. On top of this, we have also started our community-led cash transfer program during COVID19. Through these efforts, we have been able to assist over 4000 vulnerable youth.


2) We worked with the VU University Amsterdam in training 28 groups of vulnerable youth on money logics (a financial literacy training we developed, based on local knowledges and practices around money) and on individual and collective entrepreneurship (most of these groups now have sustainable income-generating activities);


3) We received a grant from EU to work on security issues with over 48 groups of vulnerable youth (bazes) and improve ‘collaborative governance’ and police reform ‘from below’.  

4) at present, GF works with 52 groups of vulnerable youth on a youth-driven special planning strategy in partnership with Mathare Social Justice Centre, Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) in Mathare, Nairobi and Slum Dwellers International-Kenya.

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