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About Us

Ghetto Foundation (GF) is a community-based organisation with over 20 years of experience working with vulnerable youth in Nairobi settlements. We have run numerous successful poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood programs as well as initiatives related to crime and violence prevention.

We treat each youth not only as an individual, but also as a part of the communities they're from.  As such, we work holistically with them to embed our initiatives in the local economic and social structures to ensure community support.

We believe this community support is crucial for any project with vulnerable youth to survive and thrive in the long-run.

Additionally, we work on urban youth issues — especially regarding economic justice, poverty alleviation, youth employment, police violence and governance — in collaboration with NGOs, local authorities and national government agencies. Our goals in these efforts are to improve existing programming and the policy environment as well as implement institutional reform, like police reform.

We are one of the founding organisations of the social justice movement on police reform and economic justice in Kenya, which now has 28 organisations throughout the country.


Samuel Kiriro


Partnerships/ networking, community organizing and fund raising, with special attention to youth rehabilitation and peace building


Andenga Livingstone

Youth leader and Coordinater

Youth leader and coordinator with special attention to mobilization, coordination of youth led programs and youth empowerment programs.


Kate Wanjiru

Research & Action

Community-led research and community mobilization, with special attention to urban planning and governance issues


Daniel Wainaina


Admin, knowledge building, and economic empowerment, with special attention to education and health.


Pauline Waigumo

Research & Action

Community-led research and community mobilization, with special attention to urban planning and women empowerment


Jacob Omondi

Research & Action

Internship programs and community-led research, with special attention to social media and skills training

Our Team

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