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Uji Sato



UJI SATO (Saturday Porridge): A Social Justice Kids Breakfast Program by Ghetto Foundation Kenya

Introducing "Uji Sato," a Social Justice Kids Breakfast Program by Ghetto Foundation Kenya. This initiative is transforming the lives of underprivileged children in Mathare, addressing hunger and educational disparities. With a compassionate and determined approach, Uji Sato provides nutritious porridge and educational support to those in need. It's a powerful example of how a simple idea, driven by the passion and responsibility of The Ghetto Foundation Family, can uplift a community's most vulnerable members. By nourishing young bodies and minds, Uji Sato empowers children to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential.


The Birth of Uji Sato

Uji Sato, a brainchild of Ghetto Foundation Kenya, emerged when the team noticed the increasing number of undernourished children struggling to focus on their studies due to hunger. Committed to finding a solution, they took matters into their own hands.

A Simple Solution: Nutritious Porridge for Every Child

Recognizing the significance of a balanced diet in a child's development, Ghetto Foundation decided to provide hot, nutritious porridge to the children in Mathare every Saturday. This initiative ensures that every child begins the day with a full stomach, ready to engage and play.

A Supportive Network

The success of the Uji Sato Kids Program extends beyond the porridge itself. The local community, compassionate individuals, and the Ghetto Foundation team have united to support the cause, offering in-kind and financial assistance while volunteering their time to keep the program thriving.


Empowering Volunteers: A Unified Effort

At the heart of this initiative are the dedicated Ghetto Foundation Volunteers from diverse backgrounds, driven by a common goal to uplift the lives of these young children. Their unwavering commitment has fostered a strong sense of community and belonging.

Impact and Transformations

With several successful years behind it, Uji Sato has delivered remarkable results. Children who once faced hunger and low self-esteem now exhibit significant improvements in their overall well-being and social interactions.

Spreading the Movement Through word of mouth and a powerful social media campaign, awareness of Uji Sato has expanded, inspiring similar initiatives in neighbouring and other community groups. The Ghetto Foundation's mission is to raise awareness about the significance of such programs in shaping a better future for our society.

To learn more about the Uji Sato or get involved, visit our website or follow us on social media @ghettofoundation. Together, we can create a brighter and more promising future for all children in our community

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