Youth & Work

Our apologies some of our site pages are still under construction, but they may already give you an impression on our focus and variety of work. More details will follow soon.

Ghetto Foundation has several programs geared to help youth from Kenyan ghettos to access education, work, business opportunities and tailor-made guidance in skills and talent development.


Ghetto Youth

This is a mentor program for 18+ adolescents in Nairobi settlements.


The overall objective of this program is to equip (both male and female) youths with skills, self-esteem and know-how to overcome or avoid problems related to being stereotyped, the trauma of poverty and peer pressure. 


This program encourages youth to realise their individual strength and talents by empowering young people in the ghettos through pedagogical activities and increase their access to in/formal and vocational training. 

Our Youth, Our Future

Our ‘urban youth poverty alleviation’ program for youth called “Our Youth Our Future” (OYOF) targets vulnerable youth in informal settlements in Nairobi.


We use the term ‘vulnerable’ to describe youth who have low levels of social capital and are thus susceptible for recruitment by gangs and other harmful actors (such as pimps preying on minors and even Al Shabaab recruiters). They are often primary school dropouts without parents or other family members to fall back on. Hence, they lack relevant skills -sets, self-esteem, support, and networks to access decent, safe and long-term work opportunities. 


Ghetto Teenz

This is a mentor program for teenagers (-18) focused on critical thinking, creativity and self-discovery.

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