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The Voice of the Youth

Youths are the custodians of our future. They are the voice of a country or a commu

nity. They are the cheerleaders and hope to a better government or system. They bring about massive ideas that can help bring change in the community or a country.

Ghetto Foundation is an organization that deals with reforming the youths, not all but those that are involved in crimes. They do this through capacity building initiatives in that they can be empowered through mentorship, advices, and encouragement. By doing so they create a platform for those that are involved in those crimes to reform and seek new ways that can enable them improve their living standards.

Most youths involve themselves in crimes because they find themselves idle. And as we know idleness is the devils workshop. Some of them are school drop outs hence find themselves in the streets and end up becoming g criminals.

An initiative should be taken to help such individuals if not they may be mislead and end up becoming the most wanted criminals.

I believe that youths carry with them great ideas that can help transform a certain setting. They are the flag bearers of a community in that if they decide to be involved in a certain activity they will do it wholeheartedly and if they are against it then there is no way one can convince them.

Community organizations should hold events that allow young people to air out their grievances, showcase their talents, and have a voice of their own. By doing so these individuals will be very equipped in what they want, what they lack, and ideas that they have which can be put on the table and later on be implemented.

So many youths live in fear of speaking out hence there voices can’t be heard because of police brutality, for instance if they go to the streets to demand for their rights the police will not let them demonstrate peacefully they will start throwing tears gas at them, and this always leads to chaos.

Having a platform where your voice can be heard, where you can share your ideas openly and advocate for what you want in the community and a country is what we want for our youths. The government should also involve the youths in their decisions through the youth leaders that are there, they need to be consulted because it is very vital. They have a say on whatever involves their future.

The youths have a voice, which should not be taken for granted, let’s take an initiative of coming up with programs that will at the end of the day benefit not only us but our future generations.



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